Business Development

Are you a natural salesperson with the proven ability to work calmly under the pressure of finding & managing sales leads and bringing in new clientele? Are you looking for a place to further your career where you can demonstrate (and be rewarded for) your excellent business development capabilities, ability to build relationships with executives, and ultimately deliver the results that will pave the way to the next level in a growing organization? If you answered yes to these questions, this may be the job for you.

K2 Digital looking to add a true selling expert to our team to lead all new client acquisition efforts. We employ a strategic consultative approach to selling that is focused not on pitching product, but solving organization complex digital problems. Our goal: "Become our clients Chief Digital Officer" across all
areas of digital including Marketing, Technology, and Operations. If you are a senior, well-seasoned and hungry individual with a deep background in taking complex challenges and finding opportunities, then K2 Digital is for you.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • As the leader of Business Development at K2 Digital, you should expect to be out of the office, at prospect meetings at least 50% of the time.
  • As a senior member of the K2 Digital team you will be expected to take charge and be on point for all significant pursuits to drive profitable growth.
  • You are expected to ruthlessly qualify opportunities to the point that we win, or exit early.
  • You understand how to manage pursuit efforts with a focus on the best and most qualified leads with a high probability of a win.
  • You will leverage your well established "rolodex" of contacts within the Marketing, IT, and Operations groups of Large Corporations. Capitalizing on K2 Digital's (and Klick's, our parent organization) well established brand and client base you will extend our borders within prospective organizations and uncover opportunities proactively.
  • Once you've opened and warmed the door you will leverage your experience and strategic thinking to lead a crack team of Digital experts to execute your selling strategy for the pursuit, uncover all information that will give us an edge and work through (and around) RFPs by leading the team of Subject Matter Experts to the win.

Who You Will Be Joining

K2 Digital, a member of the Klick Inc. family, is a privately-held, client focused organization. We are a focused on improving the top and bottom line performance of our clients. Our marketing programs are found at the intersection of innovative technology, analysis of consumer and employee behaviour and
optimized through market leading User Experience and Creative. Our Technology solutions enable major corporations to operate in the new digital world.

Klick Inc. is a collective of over 500 people (K2 Digital is 3-years old and ~50 people) that have grown up digitally and are now at the top of our game. K2 Digital is made of a team of Subject Matter Experts in all elements of Digitally centric marketing including Media, User Experience, Mobile & Social, Analytics,
Web & App Dev, Strategy with a specific focus on being the Chief Digital Officer for our clients.
We have engineered K2 Digital in such a way as to remove friction and obstacles from our success. We don’t allow fiefdoms to be built and we’re not interested in sacred cows. We are constantly reinventing processes, approaches and solutions to optimize our growth through our relationships with clients and prospects. We are ruthlessly honest with each other and empower everyone to call out mediocrity when they see it. We are passionately focused on our clients and that shows in the way we support our employees.

As the Leader of the BD team you will be paid a base salary that is aligned with your deep experience in and proven history of success, as well as a commission structure that is tied directly to revenue generated by the doors you open.

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Our people are Awesome. And we’ve noticed that Awesome people know other Awesome people. Employee referrals are our single largest and most successful source of candidates here at K2 Digital.

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