Case study / Digital Strategy

Be Remembered. Your Life. Your Story. Your Words.

With, K2 Digital develops and executes an innovative strategy to monetize a new class of social network.


Like many organizations, Remembrance Products Group possessed a digital asset with great potential, but needed a strategy to monetize that asset.

With an audience of 80,000 unique visitors each month, the company’s website was a general information resource, but it did nothing to steer consumers to their retail partners in order to buy RPG’s products and services. In addition to a bold new strategy, the site itself needed a revitalized creative treatment to foster a deep, emotional connection with a wider audience.

With this in mind, Remembrance Products Group engaged K2 Digital to develop a digital monetization strategy to grow its audience, provide a stream of highly qualified leads to its network of retail partners, and deliver new, incremental revenues.


K2 Digital developed a digital innovation strategy from the ground-up, based on converting RPG’s digital asset from a one-way source of information to an engaging social network with multiple commercialization elements.

Working closely with RPG’s team, K2 Digital developed specific tactics which were prioritized and roadmapped based on revenue opportunity. With these foundational pieces in hand, K2 Digital’s design team then set out to design an expansive, beautiful and innovative creative treatment. Central to the rebrand was a new name for this digital destination – “”.

The concepts moved forward dramatically from simple information provision to “sharing the best of your life, with those closest to you, and in your own words”. An innovative CRM and traffic plan was also launched, creating a new revenue stream for what had, at one time, been a cost centre.

As consumers engaged with, industry partners quickly jumped on board, delivering audiences and financials beyond expectations.


  • In a single week, over a quarter of a million dollars in net new sales were committed by existing retail partners
  • Within the first month, 25 existing retail partners made contractual volume commitments in order to become a preferred affiliate partner
  • New retail partners signed up to sell Remembrance Product Group products with financial commitments
  • New industry channels have contracted to leverage the website, providing a new revenue stream while rapidly expanding the website’s membership
  • Traffic levels, previously steady but stagnant, have grown dramatically


  • Digital monetization, audience growth and user experience strategy creation
  • Social plan to create a new class of social network which is being leveraged by new industry segments, adding a new segment of consumers
  • Dramatic growth in retail partners nationally and delivery of incremental digital revenues
  • Rebranding and creative design
  • Full technology development
  • Hosting and managed services by K2 Digital Hypercare Practice